Welcome to HybridCatz: Savannah and other Hybrid cats

Savannah, Savannah Lynx Hybrids, and other unique Hybrids. Many with large polydactyl paws.

Located in Southern California, we specialize in selectively breeding high quality wild looking F2, F3, F4 and F5 Savannahs. As well as other unique F2, and F3 Hybrids.  


Our kittens are not only unique in appearance, but in personality too. If you're looking for a cool and different kind of cat then you've come to right place! These cats are eye catching and stunning!


Exotic and Wild Looking!

If you're looking for a unique cat breed you've come to the right place! Our Savannah and Hybrid cats are sure to catch your eye. We specialize in F2 Savannah cats and Hybrids because we like big wild looking cats. We do also breed for F3, F4, and F5.  You can also find them here.

Hybrid Cats are Exotic!


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Owners- Jo Mar & LaRae

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